Revolutionary or Not?

by on Monday, September 15, 2014

It's been awhile since I made a post, but in honor of the iPhone 6/6 Plus launch, I found that it was a must to share some thoughts on the products at hand. As with many of my posts, please understand that these are solely my own thoughts on the product. Regardless of the credit I give to the product, or lack thereof, I highly recommend you get your hands on the new devices and make your own judgement calls. Without further ado, here's my take.

To answer the question in the title, is the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus revolutionary devices? Yes and no. The reason I say yes is because for iPhone users, this device is definitely revolutionary. It brings the iPhone user family up-to-date with other modern technology in the smart phone game. I can't begin to tell you how many people have told me they'd love a bigger screen on their iPhone. That day has finally come. 

Traditional iPhone users now have two choices to make. You'll hear many people at Apple stores saying, "Should I get the smaller one (4.7 inch) or the bigger one (5.5 inch)?" In short, at least you have the option to go a little bigger than the iPhone 5/5C/5S or go a lot bigger. Regardless of what size you choose, the fact still remains that you're device will be bigger than your iPhone 5/5C/5S or earlier model. That's a nice upgrade for most.

Another feature that many people are in love with is the new Apple Pay program. Essentially, this replaces the need for a wallet. You can insert your debit or credit card information, associated with most major credit unions, into the Apple Pay wallet. At supported retailers, you simply tap your device on the pay station to submit your payment for the items you're purchasing. Apple has coded the program with some nifty encryption and security to give you the comfort you need to purchase your items without letting intruders take over your money. Overall, it seems like a pretty promising application/service.

Aside from the two features above, there are a few others such as an improved camera, a thinner design, and faster WiFi connection. Other than that, you should simply expect a clean looking, well-advertised product by Apple. Each year there's a huge hype around the Apple keynote, and this year was no different. Apple delivered on the hype around the iPhone as well as their future product — the Apple Watch. To sum it up with one line, the Watch allows you to get notifications and interact with your device from your wrist. Since it's Apple made, you know it's going to be of outstanding quality.

Earlier in this post, I said that the new iPhone 6/6 Plus is revolutionary, but I also said that it's not at the same time. To address the second part, the iPhone 6/6 Plus isn't revolutionary. This also includes the Watch. The reason it isn't revolutionary is because for all the smart phone users outside the Apple market, they've already had many of these features for the last year or more. Personally owning an Android device, I've had a 5.5 inch display for quite awhile now. I've also had the virtual wallet feature for awhile now as well (Softcard). As far as the camera, my device's 13 megapixel is superior to the eight megapixels I had with my iPhone 5 previously. Aside from the features mentioned, there are a few things my device can do that an iPhone can't. Refer to my last post to for more details.

Regardless of whether or not I've had some of these features for awhile or not, I have to say that Apple has one thing that most don't. They have the brand. In day-to-day life, you'll notice that a fair share of Americans own an iPhone. You're probably saying to yourself, "If you're telling me that other devices were more 'revolutionary', then why are there more iPhones when I'm taking the train to work in the morning?" There seems to be more iPhone users because Apple does an amazing job at advertising, marketing, and merchandising. 

I will give credit where credit is due. Apple products come in amazing packaging. Apple commercials are flawless. Apple devices in general are simple, clean, and elegant. They also revolutionized the future of smart phones when they launched the very first iPhone. They truly did set the pace for the future smart phones that we have today. All of what I just mentioned is what makes Apple revolutionary. It's not whether or not the iPhone 6/6 Plus is revolutionary itself. It's that the Company itself is revolutionary.

To bring this post to an end, when it comes to the new devices, if you're an avid iPhone user, you're going to love the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. I highly recommend you purchase it without a doubt. For all of the Android users out there, you may not be too impressed with the new iDevices, and that's okay for you to feel that way. You have other options for your next phone — as do I. 

In regards to the Apple Watch, iPhone users must purchase this upcoming product. You'll be fascinated. Other smart phone users, you already have wearables to choose from and many others on the way. Regardless, another Apple keynote has come and gone. The new iPhones may not be ground breaking, but you will continue to see the brand day in and day out. It's inevitable.

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Why I Left My IPhone

by on Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I've been an avid iPhone user for a few years now. My first smart phone was purchased back in 2008. As with most people in those days, it was a BlackBerry Curve 8330. From that device, I swapped back and forth between Android devices and BlackBerry devices. 

In 2011, I decided to switch carriers. When I ported my number to my new carrier, I decided to finally try out the iPhone. It seemed like everyone in the world had an iPhone. I wanted to see what all of the hype was about, so I dived in head first. When I made the switch, I can honestly say I didn't want another device.

With the iPhone, everything is so simplistic and it just works. From my iPhone 4, I decided to give the Samsung Galaxy Note a whirl when it hit the shelves. I was eager to see how Android evolved since the last Android I had. Needless to say, after about five days, I returned my Note and went back to my trusty iPhone 4.

When the iPhone 5 launched, I was excited for the new device. I loved everything about the iPhone 5 and never envisioned myself switching – until I got the Android itch again. I made the switch and once again found myself reaching for my iPhone.

It's now 2014, and I can say that after several years of devices, I successfully migrated back to Android – finally. After giving Android a true, fair chance this time, I'm pretty happy with my decision to go back to my first multifaceted smart phone platform.

There were a few gripes with my iPhone that led me to make the change. Below I have listed some reasons I considered making the switch. These may assist you in determining if switching is something you may want to consider. If these items aren't important to you, then you may be an iPhone person until the end. These are just a few things to consider for your next purchase.

1. My first issue was having to rely on my MacBook every time I needed to move music to my device. Why must I take out my laptop, which I never use, to get the music I desire? If you don't purchase music through iTunes directly, you're at a disadvantage. 

2. Another thing was having expandable memory. I can store anything and everything I want on a little card. I don't have to worry about buying an iPhone with larger space next time. My first iPhone was a 16 GB. My second was a 32 GB. If I purchased another, I may have needed a 64 GB. Each size is an extra $100. We all know flash memory doesn't cost that much. Why pay a premium for more storage?

3. My Android phone can also open any file type and save it to my device. That's something I didn't even think about switching from my iPhone. It's sure useful though. I could definitely see that being a make or break for business users.

4. Customization is all possible out of the box. There's no need to Jailbreak your Android. That's for the iPhone. Don't like the messaging app? Download a new one. Don't like the stock keyboard? Download another one. Don't like the stock launcher? Download another one. This list can go on and on.

5. Screen sizes vary from four inches to six inches. If you want some real estate on your phone, you can get it. Pick your poison.

6. Battery life can take you well over a day. If you choose a larger device, it will typically pack a huge battery as well. You can surf the web, watch videos, download apps, and still have plenty of battery to spare. I like this!

In closing, this is not meant to be a rant about why Android is better, or that you should run out and get a new device immediately. Heck, I may find myself wanting another iPhone in the future. You never know. If you are willing to consider giving another device a chance, whether that's an Android, a Windows Phone, or a BlackBerry device, please give it a fair chance and really use it during your return period. 

The biggest hump I had to get over was doing things differently than I was with my iPhone. If you constantly compare how you do things on your new device to how you did it on your iPhone, you'll end up going back to your old device. If you get anything out of this article, let it be this. Make sure you always give new technology a chance. You have to learn things and get adjusted before making a concrete decision.

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On the Surface

by on Thursday, October 3, 2013


About a week or two ago, Microsoft announced the Surface 2. I was super excited to hear that Microsoft would be launching a second edition to last year's tablet. I received the original Surface last December, and I've loved every minute with it.

When I got my Surface, I had a lot of family and friends question why I chose this as my tablet. Most people that know me know that I love a lot of Apple products. This is a half truth. I do find that Apple makes quality products. I appreciate their craftsmanship, but I definitely don't appreciate their inflated prices. I've always been one to say, "You get what you pay for." To be honest, I find that applies in almost every part of life. When it comes to Apple products, you may spend an arm and a leg, but you can be sure that you're purchasing one great piece of technology.

The reason I called my appreciation for Apple products a half truth is because there are other items on the market that I'm rather impressed by. While I'm an advocate of Apple computers, MP3 players, and phones, I find myself stimulated by other pieces of technology, whether that be phones or tablets, from other manufactures.

I've always said, "If my MacBook were to die today, I'd go out and buy another one tomorrow." That statement may not hold up as it once did. Since getting my Surface, I've found myself relying less and less on my MacBook. I think I've booted up my MacBook ten times, if that, since December 2012. I find that pretty impressive.

When I was young, I spent a lot of my life on a Windows based computer. It wasn't until 2009 that I purchased my first Mac and fell in love. I purchased my Mac for college, and it hasn't let me down. While I had my Mac for school, I always stuck with media and gaming on my PC. I've always found that media applications and computer games were meant for Windows. I stick to that.

It's funny how my Surface has brought me full circle now. While I've mentioned that I've loved every minute I've spent with my Surface, I always thought that there could be some improvements made for a second rendition. It concerned me that the first Surface wasn't selling as well as I felt it should have. When I heard rumors of a Surface 2, I again got excited for the line.

The Surface is greatly misunderstood. The reason it's misunderstood is because most people feel that it's a tablet. Again, this is a half truth. On the surface, it looks like a tablet, but it's really a highly portable computer. Think of everything you know about a home PC or laptop. Now cram all those thoughts into a ten inch tablet. You have yourself a Surface. When you look at the Surface, and now Surface 2, as a portable computer/tablet, you won't be disappointed. If you want strictly a tablet for apps, then you need to look into an iPad or Android tablet. If you're looking for extreme productivity, buy a Surface or another Windows tablet.

What I look forward to the most with the Surface 2 is the new kickstand, faster processor, and improved screen. These are three features that are going to be king on the Surface RT and Surface Pro. The original Surface already does a lot, and that won't change, but the user experience will be even better with the second edition. I look forward to playing with the new addition to the family.   

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Surface Price Cut

by on Sunday, July 14, 2013

Image c/o Microsoft

Microsoft announced the price cutting of its beloved Surface RT tablet. Not too long ago, we saw the Microsoft Surface break ground with a price tag of $500. The tablet was only available through the Microsoft website originally. At $500, you were able to get your hands on a 32GB tablet loaded with Windows RT. For $600, you were able to get the tablet alongside a Touch Cover.

Now, Microsoft has cut the price on the Surface RT. I must say, you can get one heck of a tablet with the new price drops. You can get the 32GB Surface RT for only $349. Need more space? Shell out $499 and you'll get 64GB of space. If you'd rather have the full Windows experience, you can opt to go with the Pro model for $899.

Regardless of which avenue you take with the Surface, you are getting a fantastic tablet. I'd also say this in regards to many other Windows tablets. Let's just say that I'm a pretty big fan of the new Windows 8 products. They are a huge step in the right direction.

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Budget iPhone 5 TBA?

by on Sunday, July 7, 2013

Image c/o: Techdy

There's always a ton of speculation on what the next iPhone will look and feel like. By now, we've come accustomed to the model types. There was the first iPhone, then there was the iPhone 3G. From that point on, we would see a "S" model every other year. There's the 3GS, 4S, and you guessed it; There will probably be an iPhone 5S. This year, however, we may see Apple break the mold.

From what I've been hearing, Apple plans to add two iPhones this time around. They will, more than likely, release an iPhone 5S, but they will also release a "budget friendly" iPhone 5/5S. It will have many of the same great features, but the materials used to build the budget iPhone will be cheaper. For example, with the iPhone 5, you get an aluminum back alongside four inches of glass on the front. With the budget version, you will see a plastic back, with plastic sides, and the same great glass on the front.

Tech blog, Techdy, has a boat load of images on their website of the this little gem. With the cheaper materials, you will see a price tag that reflect the lower cost. I'm thinking you'll probably see this budget device at around the 99 dollar price point on contract. This is a wild guess, so don't hold me to that figure. With this device potentially surfacing, it makes you wonder if the 4S will linger or take a dive.

If the iPhone 4S were to come off the shelves at 5S launch time, I'd venture to guess you may see the iPhone 5 drop to the iPhone 4 price of 99 cents on contract. This could be a potential possibility, or we could see the budget iPhone sell for just under a buck. Either which way, it will be great to see if Apple truly switches their game up this time around. We'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Techdy

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